Things to consider before you travel to the Outback…

Outback Doors are designed to comply with the relevant Australian Standards using locally made 12mm thick grade A toughened glass.

We have installed our bi-folds into area’s with a C4 cyclone category and met compliance by increasing the glass thickness to 15mm grade A toughened glass.

We assess the location and overall height and width of each application to ensure it’s safe and durable and meets compliance.

We have developed a frameless glass bi-folding door system that not only lets the outside in but does a great job of keeping the rain out!

AS2047 is the mandatory minimum specification by the NCC for windows and doors used in Australia. Our system has been tested and is certified as compliant on a Nata approved test facility for performance in water penetration, air filtration and the ultimate strength of the assembly. To attain this classification the system had to withstand wind and rain at around 200km/hr for a period of 15 minutes without letting in a single drop water!

Outback Doors are fabricated using a range of sweep seals, brush seals, silicone bulb seals, captivated rubber jamb seals. There are 2 x seals inside and out on the top and bottom rails, a vertical seal between each panel of glass and seals in the jambs at either end. Depending on the location and whether the doors are well back under an awning or fully exposed to the weather we will apply the best seals to do the job.

One of the conditions of AS2047 is for a window or door system to prevent any water from entering the home or building. We have designed a small strip drain that is built in to our bottom sill which sits on the inside of our door system. The strip drain acts as a keep safe just in case any water was able to make it through our door panels it will be caught in the drain which can be connected to adjacent services or to a 25mm dia flexible conduit. Any moisture that builds up will be directed towards a suitable external drain or garden area. As our doors are custom made we will design a drainage solution that will suit your individual needs.

Yes absolutely. A lot of our clients are looking for a flush finish to avoid any trip hazards. We can co-ordinate with a builder or a concrete cutter or tiler who can prepare your floors to enable a flush finish. We are unable to carry out this preparatory work ourselves but would be happy to deal with any trades you have on site or can help you to find someone who will be able to carry out the work.

Outback Doors are top hung meaning that for a door that is 2100 high and 2400mm wide approx. 150kg’s will be hanging in an area of top track that is approx. 200mm wide. Or a door opening at 2600 x 5400 - 420kg will be hanging in a section of top track at approx. 300mm wide. It will be important to assess your existing opening or to design your new opening to ensure it will be able to support the weight of your Outback Doors. Top hung door systems offer greater levels of durability as opposed to bottom rolling or bottom sliding systems that will wear a lot quicker under normal usage and require a lot of regular maintenance.

We quite often suggest an access door for wide openings or for cases where our doors are part of the main thoroughfare to a home or a building.

We would suggest an access door so that people can come and go without having to fold open the majority of their bifold doors.

Outback Doors can be designed to open in or out and we will confirm this with you at the time of our final check measure. It is possible to have a mix of both in a 90deg design where one side opens out and one side opens in. This all depends on the location of walkways and hallways and furniture.

Outback Doors come standard with spring loaded drop bolts located along the bottom rail and along the top rail to secure the doors in the closed position. These locks prevent anyone from making access from the outside if the system is locked from the inside. We can also offer a key cylinder so that the doors can be locked and unlocked from the outside along with a range of frameless glass patch locks or lever sets to suit designs with access doors.

We use 12mm clear toughened glass and allow for this as standard in all of our quotes.

It is possible to upgrade to Low iron glass, Low E glass, grey, green, toughened and laminated glass.

Outback Doors are completely custom made using locally produced toughened glass and aluminium sections extruded by Alspec. Every different application provides us with new challenges and we will assess and design our bi-folds to suit each one of our clients specific needs. We have to work with an even numbered amount of panels ie; 2 x folding panels, 4, 6 and then combinations of these, 2+4, 4+2, 4+4, 4+6

1 x access door and 2 x folding panels, 1 + 4, 1 x 6.

We do offer a range of alternatives that will open up your views and compliment your new bifold doors, these include large fixed panels of toughened glass or a range of glass louvre galleries which will provide ventilation without having to open up all of your folding doors..if it’s too windy or rainy.

We have sourced a small crystal clear glass knob so as not to obstruct your views or we can add knobs or H style handles with the only consideration being that we should try to avoid any bulky handles that may interfere with the doors when they are folded up in the open position.

We do offer a range of colours from the Dulux Duralloy range and or the Taubmans Interpon range of powdercoat colours, we can offer anodised finishes, electroplating, timber look finishes

Give us a challenge!

It is possible to screen your new Outback Doors. A retractable screen can be installed on either the inside or the outside of your Outback Doors depending on whether your door panels are folding in or folding out. We can recommend companies who are reputable and will deal with you directly.

Outback Doors come with a 7 year warranty on mechanical parts and labour. We do recommend that you get us out to service your doors for a small fee every 12-24 months. Just to make sure everything is adjusted nicely and that your seals are still in good condition.

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