One is Never Enough…

Here’s a quick story about how we turned 1 x frameless glass door into 20 x bi-folding door panels.

We had just finished installing a beautiful frameless glass pivot door for Rachel at Morningside ( Pictured Below)

I had noticed that she had a number of framed aluminium bi-folding doors across the rear of her living and kitchen areas which overlooked a timber deck and then the park behind. Quite a spectacular view and a real shame to have to look through all those frames to appreciate it.

Rachel is such a nice lady and always finds the time for a chat…so whilst we were on the subject of how business was going for us and talking about our frameless glass bi-folds I mustered up the courage to tell her that I’d love to replace her old aluminium framed bi-folds and put in some good ones for her….?

I really did feel like I had overstepped the mark… however much to my surprise she said, “well why don’t you measure up and give me a price then…!”

Fantastic!… off I went and grabbed my tape measure… quickly before she changed her mind and measured up the largest opening adjacent to her kitchen bench. 2400 x 6300 – this will be amazing and make such a significant change.

I thanked Rachel again for the opportunity and she said she’ll be excited to hear back from us.

A day or 2 later I was able to get my knees under a desk and finalised Rachels quote – 8 x folding panels – Bi-parting in the centre, 4 to the right and 4 to the left.

Rachel emailed back and said they do look amazing and that she would see if she could convince her husband of the changes she would like to make to their home.

6 months later I received an email from Rachel…asking me to resend her original quote and to say that they’re getting close to making a decision to replace those doors in the kitchen.

I emailed off the quote I’d sent earlier in the year and followed up with a phone call… Rachel was pleased to hear from me and went on to say that she’s still very keen but if they’re going to replace one set they had
better replace them all and asked if I would come back to measure and quote the other 3 x openings.

And… the rest is history…we removed 18 x perfectly good framed aluminium bi-fold panels ( these were sold to someone in Noosa almost straight away.. which we’ll happily remove for them when they get tired of the bulky framework ) and replaced them with 4 x sets – 20 panels of Outback Frameless Glass Bi-folding Door Systems…what a transformation…

Rachel said her new Outback Doors easily add 100k in value to her home….we wholeheartedly agree…

If there’s one thing that you could do that will completely transform your lifestyle and add value to your home.. it would be to upgrade your windows and doors with a set of Outback Frameless Glass Bifolds…always amazing and we’re always excited to help.

Gavin Owens – National Sales Manager

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